Who is eligible to support solar schools programs?

Anyone can support our solar schools program, whether you are an individual, organization, business or government.

How can I help?

The simplest way to support our solar schools program is through making a financial donation. Every dollar will go towards assisting public schools to develop and install solar panel installations, saving money, preventing emissions, and enhancing education. You may donate to Solar Schools Canada directly or to participating schools.

Donating to SSC

Solar Schools Canada accepts donations by cheque, cash, e-transfer, or online through our website.

Once funding is secured to cover the estimated capital costs of the solar panel installation, Solar Schools Canada transfers a minimum of ninety percent (90%) of all financial contributions directly to participating schools.

To ensure the financial sustainability of our organization and our continued ability to advance our mission, Solar Schools Canada may retain a maximum of ten percent (10%) of financial contributions to cover our operational costs, which include insurance, website maintenance and hosting, banking and other professional services fees.

Donations directly to Solar Schools Canada are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Donating to Participating Schools

Participating schools may accept financial donations directly from donors. If you are interested in this donation option, please contact us at hello@ssc-esc.ca and we will provide you with the appropriate contact information and instructions to donate directly to your chosen, participating school.

Is my donation eligible for a charitable tax receipt?

The eligibility of a donation for a charitable tax receipt for income depends on whether you give to Solar Schools Canada or directly to participating schools.

Donations to Solar Schools Canada

Solar Schools Canada is a non-profit organization within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is not a registered charity. As such, Solar Schools Canada cannot issue charitable tax receipts for income tax purposes.

Donations to Participating Schools

Many participating schools, or the provincial school board that they are a part of, are registered charities. As such, they may issue charitable donation receipts for the eligible gifts. To determine whether a participating school or school board is a registered charity, please consult the CRA Charities Directorate List of Charities.

How will supporting a solar schools program assist my business?

Contributing to our Solar Schools program will confirm your business’ credentials as one which is environmental and socially responsible, and will position your business to realize significant benefits, including:

  • Recognition & Promotion: Benefit from the range of recognition and promotion options available to contributors.
  • CSR: Complement your business’ social responsibility program by supporting a program creating educational, economic and environmental benefits locally.

  • Goodwill: Increase goodwill among your business’ customers, employees, investors and the community partners, thereby increasing business performance.

  • Competitive Advantage: Demonstrate your business’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability, differentiating your business from its competitors.

  • Build relationships: Build new relationships and strengthen existing ones by collaborating with the network of businesses supporting the solar schools pilot program.