Want climate action? Make it happen.

Collective efforts at all levels, in ways that reflect different circumstances and capabilities, in the pursuit of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, taking into account equity as well as effectiveness, can facilitate strengthening the global response to climate change, achieving sustainable development and eradicating poverty (high confidence).

UNFCCC, 2018, SPM 15. 

Our Challenge to Youth.

In 2019, millions of youth in over 125 countries walked out of class to demand their governments to take greater action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and address climate change. 

Student walkouts highlighted the disconnect between growing public awareness of the urgent need for climate action, and the failure by governments to adopt policies that will reduce global emissions. 

In describing the movement, one student leader said: “[The youth] need to make sure that people in power start taking action because we don't have time to wait until we can."

The student leader is right. Government action is required to curb GHG emissions on the scale and scope necessary to check the advancement of climate change. 

The inability of youth to formally participate in the political process due to age creates a disconnect political leaders making decisions on an issue - climate change - the worst consequences of which they will not directly experience.

But, youth are not powerless to act in the face of climate change and do not need to wait on decision-makers to make change happen. Youth are citizens of local, national and global communities and can act meaningfully to curb emissions and combat climate change, today and into the future.  

For this reason, we celebrate youth who have called out government decision-makers for inadequate climate action and putting our planet at risk. But, we also challenge youth to go beyond one-day protests. We challenge youth to take direct action each and every day to reduce emissions, to demonstrate to political decision makers public commitment to climate action, and ultimately, to protect the planet we call home.

Youth are change agents. Youth are powerful. Want meaningful climate action? Make it happen.

For one channel to effect climate action, check out our new Solar Schools How-to Guide available here. We designed the guide to assist students, teachers, administrators and other stakeholders to explore how to develop school-based solar projects.

Peter L'Esperance